December 21, 2018

Spring Summer - Market Expose

An Expected Change?


As the colder Sydney days fade away, the warmer weather sneaks back and the London Plane trees lining Victoria Street, Potts Point, sprout their light and bright green leaves, something begins to happen in the property market. Rental properties became popular again.

Properties that had sat in waiting for new tenants for



December 18, 2018

Year In Review - SydneyLinks

The SydneyLinks Team


At SydneyLinks, what we love most is the community and the people we get to meet everyday. 2018 has been a great year of growth for our team and was a great year of celebration with the people we have built relationships with and work with. 

This year marked 19 years in the biz for SydneyLinks and our Principal Age



December 11, 2018

Event Food People - Lifestyle

Sides and Main


If you’re looking to eliminate some of the stress and effort from your next event, Sides and Main may be just the catering company you’re looking for. 

The superstars behind Sides and Main started out in 2011, providing "fresh, healthy take away food and catering options for those in the local Potts Point area



December 07, 2018

Darlinghurst - Suburb Highlight

Market Movement


In recent years Darlinghurst has been the central focus of the real estate industry. In 2018 this market has now slowed in most corners of the suburb and in other areas, remained the same.

When looking at the overall growth of the property market in Darlinghurst it is important that we look at the most recent quarterly growt



September 17, 2018

Property Doomsday? – Market Expose

September Market Update

From January through to April of this year the property market was up but, it has since slowed with lending rules for investors tightening. It is no shock to see the media report on the inflation of the industry, however, Sunday nights doomsday report from 60 Minutes Australia seems a little on the extreme side of what is



September 14, 2018

19 Years – SydneyLinks

Our Anniversary Celebrations

At SydneyLinks real estate we recently celebrated our 19th Anniversary with our best and dearest friends, colleagues and clients. As part of our ongoing series of complimentary events for all of our clients, SydneyLinks decided to mark this 19th year in the biz with a celebration on Trish’s boat.

Our Principal



August 29, 2018

Change In The Air – Lifestyle

The SydneyLinks Community

At the centre of one of the biggest changes to the inner-city Sydney landscape is our local collective community of Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay and Kings Cross. Instead of late-night clubbers lining the streets waiting for a willing taxi, we have motorists by day, circling the streets in search of a much coveted on-stree



August 22, 2018

Chippendale – Suburb Highlight

Market Update

Since the 1960’s up until the early 2000’s Chippendale has been mostly commercial with some residents from lower socio-economic groups. It was considered somewhat of a battlers suburb. Since the recent development of Central Park and the newly opened Duo at Central Park, the demographics have changed dramatically.

One o



April 29, 2018

April 2018 – Market Expose

The Current Sales Market

It’s almost the end of the financial year and with that end in sight we thought it time to look back at the year so far and where we’ve arrived. 

Sales has seen the the biggest change with a plateau developing. This means vendors have less room to be choosy. SydneyLinks principal agent Trisiana Muljono s



April 20, 2018

Meet Ryan – SydneyLinks

Our New Property Manager & Assistant Accountant

Our Property Managers need that little extra special something to succeed in our team and remain competitive in the busy inner-city Sydney property market. We are happy to introduce our newest member to the team who brings with him experience and success, Ryan Wu.

Ryan has been working in Shang



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