June 07, 2017

Toby Little – SydneyLinks News

Meet our newest member, Toby

In real estate, we get to find out so much about our valued clients so it's important that we also share a bit about ourselves too. We've previously introduced you to Simon, Jean, Trish and Maria so now it's time to get to know our newest team member, Toby.

We caught Toby when he was out in his car on his way to the doc



June 01, 2017

Back-Street Flashback – Suburb Highlight

Developers eye-off the back streets of The Cross and Potts Point

The much discussed topic of the gentrification of some of Sydney’s most infamous inner-city suburbs is every growing. Popular interest among developers in the smaller back streets of Kings Cross and Potts Point have raised discussion among the community and reminded us of a t



May 03, 2017

Stylish Price – Lifestyle

Does styling your property really increase it’s value?

For the average home owner or investor, when it comes time to sell we often ask should I stage my home? Is it worth the investment? We sat down with freelance interior designer David King to take a look in to the stylish world of interior design.

David is a freelance designer based in



April 28, 2017

Maria Muljono – SydneyLinks News

Meet our positive and crafty superstar

We have enjoyed taking a look in to the personal lives of our SydneyLinks team and what brings joy in to their lives. Up to now we have introduced you to Simon, Jean and Trish and now we get to introduce you to the lovely, Maria.

Maria has been with SydneyLinks since 2009 working in accounting, booking and



April 18, 2017

Changed Conditions – Market Expose

Why banks and lenders are tightening lending rules

In just the last 2 months, banks and non-bank lenders have responded to APRA’s (Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) restrictions to lending to property investors. The major banks must now limit their total spending on such investment at 10% per annum.

SydneyLinks’ Trisiana Mu



April 12, 2017

Woolloomooloo – Suburb Highlight

Sydney’s hot pocket desirable suburb

Much of Sydney’s inner metro suburbs constantly perform well in the property market and continue to be on the most wanted lists of many buyers and renters. Woolloomooloo has has it’s fare share of the spotlight over the years but is currently performing above average. lists



March 20, 2017

Sales Gold Stars – Market Expose

We see how our sales history stacks up against the competition

The Sydney property market has showed steady growth in recent years with high increase in sales prices particularly in the ever popular suburbs of the inner east. Not only does the continual growth in the market help boost sales, so does a little human intervention.




March 02, 2017

Trisiana Muljono – SydneyLinks News

Meet our super active and motivated principal agent, Trish

Getting to know some of the SydneyLinks team up close and personal has shown as a great human side to our employees. So far we have introduced you to Simon and Jean and now we get to delve inside the fun and busy world of our principal agent, Trish.

We met Trish at her local indoor rock



February 20, 2017

Everybody's Talkin’ – Lifestyle

A new way of doing on-site auctions with a van and some coffee

Popular Eastern Sydney homes go under the hammer all the time. They’re a great place to mix with the community and get people talking and what better way to bring everyone together through a cup of coffee, complimentary of course.

30 to 45 minutes before the auction period begi



February 08, 2017

Victoria Street, Potts Point – Suburb Highlight

How one little corner of Potts Point is evolving in to something new

From Closed signs to launch events, culture to property and 32 to 207 Victoria Street, a lot has changed in recent times in this busy mixed use corner of Potts Point. Business owners, investors and customers alike are coming together in new ways, increasing the value of the str



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