Simon Hohnen

Simon Hohnen

Sales Executive

Simon truly loves Real Estate and working with people.

Coming from a creative background in the arts, food and wine, Simon is adept at thinking on his feet and brainstorming ideas at the drop of a hat. He is sincere, honest and doggedly persistent when it comes to working for his Vendors and will get in there and roll his sleeves up to help create the best outcome for his clients, time and time again. 

Current sales results are astounding, mostly due to negotiations prior to auctions. In a market like this, we are seeing a lot of buyers miss out at multiple auctions. These are the best, most highly qualified buyers and if they make an offer on your property pre-auction, it’s fair to say that they know what they’re doing and what it’s worth.

However, the market can turn quickly, so be prepared for anything. Be ready to adapt and have the right people representing you. In fact, the best piece of advice I can give vendors is to work with the best agent – someone who has worked successfully in all market conditions. It absolutely makes a difference. The strongest agent will know how to reap the benefits and see the opportunities in any climate.

Honest Valuations:  SydneyLinks do not “buy listings” by promising more than your property will actually sell for. We use honest price appraisals based on market experience with backed up by statistical data.